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Women’s Lab Coats

Accidents happen and when you get ink all over your new  women’s lab coats …what are you going to do?  They way too expensive to replace every item that you have ever gotton ink on!  So here is a great video on  how to remove ink from your lab coats that will really help and make […]

White Lab Coat

When it comes to  shopping for that lab coat for someone else…in many cases you may not know exactly what they want.  You want to make sure that they have something that is going to fit right and look right and there are a few styles to choose from.  So, why not just get that gift […]

Professional Women’s Lab Coats

If you are in the health care profession and are tired of looking frumpy in your women’s lab coats then it is time to make that change to another higher quality brand like Medelita. They have been serving the health care profession for years with their fabulous apparel whether it be lab coats or scrubs.

Women’s Lab Coats With A Veil

Time to put away that  women’s lab coats and trade it in for that veil.  When you are getting married there are so many things that you have to think about and you don’t want to have your job clouding your mind or it interferring with your job.  Which is why it is just so much […]

Women’s Lab Coats That Flatter

If you are ordering some women’s lab coats then you may just want to throw that great pair of Sanita medical clogs in your cart. This way you will not only get free shipping on your entire order but if you type in “comfyclogs” at your checkout then you will get a 20% discounts savings […]