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The Latest in Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing dresses for your bridal party can be stressful. Trying to find that one dress that will look good on all of your bridal party is no easy task. As the bride to be, is this something that you are thinking of? Trying to find a dress that will match your dress style as well […]

Custom Engagement Rings Made Just for YOU

  Looking for jewelry can be so overwhelming! How do you decide which ring is for you when there are so many different options? Princess cut, asscher, marquise, solitaire diamond, round stone, pear shape, oval, big, small, titanium, platinum, gold, white gold, etc….the list goes on and on! I can be super picky when it […]

A beautiful sendoff

I love goodbyes. Well, let me clarify. I love when all pieces of a puzzle come together in a nice tidy little package, starting with a solid introduction, a middle and a lovely farewell. I love movie-style goodbyes. You know, the ones you can picture a soundtrack to and people move in slow motion. Turning […]

How to Choose Bridal Shower Invitations

When it comes to wedding planning, setting the mood for your event begins with the invitation. An invitation signifies what type of event it will be, and helps get guests excited! Personally, I love pretty details on invitations such as lace, unique prints or different color combos. With so many options it’s hard to know […]

Organization is key!!

After the excitement, shock, fist-pumping and high-fiving of the initial engagement are over, searching for inspiration for your wedding day can become overwhelming quickly. Shuffling through magazine as you wait in line at the grocery store, scanning Pinterest while trying to ride the elliptical at the gym, tabs upon tabs upon tabs of wedding blogs…where […]