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Swan Creek Candles Make a Great Wedding Gift

  I’m always searching for great wedding gifts. Although I know gifts of monetary value are appreciated, I really like to gift something that can be opened and used. Swan Creek Candles are great for this! They are very nice candles and they will make the home smell great. You can put a “date night” […]

What to get for the couple who has everything

I’ve been to dozens of bridal showers and have had my fair share of weddings and bachelorette parties. I love perusing the couple’s registered gift list for the sole purpose of finding items I didn’t know I needed for my own house {I want a juicer and a pretty multi-colored toaster!} annnndddd….that’s pretty much it. […]

Gifts for each other

We already mentioned a few ideas for gifts for your bridal party, but what about a special something for the one you’re about to commit your life to? Some opt out of this, stating that the wedding itself is the gift and that they have already spent enough money, but…what about something meaningful and on […]

Gifting the wedding party

Your wedding day is pretty much the only day in your entire life that you can invite all the people you both care about the most (and who care about the two of you!) and have a celebration that’s not only appropriate for all ages, but also mixes your favorite friends and family into one […]

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

There are so many great and very unique bridesmaids gifts out there for you to get your party and you do not have to spend a fortune on really nice gifts that not only are they going to appreciate but they will really use.  Getting practical gifts for your bridesmaids is the way to go.  You do […]