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Winter wedding

This subject is near and dear to my heart as my husband and I were married in an outdoor wedding. In Minnesota. In January. It was freezing; I’m still not sure if my knees were shaking due to nerves or the cold. I may be a bit more temperamental toward cold temps now and I […]

Defining your style

Every couple has their own unique tastes and rhythm. Some couples prefer to take their time and move about cautiously, while others would rather throw caution to the wind and live each moment as it comes. Whatever style you may find yourself in, don’t be afraid to play it out during your wedding day. Are […]

Formal Dresses For Your Bridal Party

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? Overwhelming isn’t it. One thing that can really be frustrating and takes a lot of patience is finding formal dresses for your bridal party. Depending on how many you have to dress and how picky they are will depend on how smooth your choosing and fitting […]

Cake and Knive Server

The cutting of the cake at a wedding reception is so much fun.  Why pay more money than necessary though?  This cake and knive server is contemporary, so it goes with virtually any decor.  You may choose to have your names and wedding date engraved so you can treasure always.  It is silver plated and […]

Enchanted Wedding Cakes

Enchanted Wedding Cakes are made with the finest ingredients.  You are invited to taste the wedding cake before purchasing anything.  These cakes are personalized to fit your wedding theme.  The price is $5.25 per slice.