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Wedding Rice

You may know that you are not suppose to throw rice at a wedding because it is bad for the animals that then eat it. Well, at you can get this Darice 27-Ounce Bag of Animal-Friendly Heart-Shaped Wedding Rice that is safe for the animals to eat. This way you can keep that fun […]

Wedding Day Survival Kit

This wedding day survival kit is just a must have for any newly wed.   What a great gift from this would be to get someone for that bachelorette party.  It has all the essentials that you need  like super glue, bobby pins, toothpaste, dental floss…things that you may need at the last moment before […]

Honeymoon Men’s Sunglasses

When it comes to gifts is it always a great idea especially these days to get something that is practical and something that they can use. And a nice pair of women’s and men’s sunglasses would make for a fabulous gift especially if their honeymoon is going to be some tropic, sunny and warm location.   […]

Men’s Sunglasses for the Wedding

If you are looking for a bachelor party gift to give him you may want to think about getting a nice pair of men’s sunglasses for him. It is a cool gift to give and they will actually use them. Novelty gifts are fun but who has the extra money for a gift that someone […]

Wedding Men’s Sunglasses

If you are having that outdoor wedding why not get a really fabulous pair of men’s sunglasses for your husband to be to wear. I have seen it done before at weddings and if it is done correctly it is really a cute idea. Get a nice pair of white sunglasses for yourself while you’re […]