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Mens Scrubs to The Tux

It is a Friday afternoon….the day before your wedding.  It is time to get out of those mens scrubs that you have been working in all day, and time to relax before you put on that black tux.  There is a time for work and a time for play and your wedding should be fun and […]

Mens Scrubs Online

When it comes to  mens scrubs you are going to want to check out Medelita.  they have a nice selection of scrubs that are not only high in quality but they are also stylish and will actually flatter your figure.  Why not look good…if you look good you feel good and if you have to go to […]

Flattering Women’s Scrubs

Right now Medelita is having great savings from  women’s scrubs to medical clogs.  And when you are getting married…the more that you can save then the better.  Right now you can get free shipping if you get medical clogs and if you get medical clogs if you type in comfyclogs as the promo code you will […]

Stylish Mens Scrubs

Just because you are man wearing those mens scrubs doesn’t mean that you have to give up your sense of style and fashion. You can get scrubs that are comfortable and flattering thus making you look great even in that working environment.

Lab Coats

Planning that wedding can just be down right exhausting and there really is so much to do. You barely are in the house taking off you lab coats after working all day long in the office and you are heading out to go to the specialty shops and stores to do some much needed shopping. […]