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A White and Flattering Lab Coats

You may think that a white lab coats would not and could not be flattering…but if you were to get it online at Medelita you would find that you can get health care apparel and uniforms that actually flatter you and make you look good.  And they are comfortable as well.  In my opinion comfort […]

A White Professionals Doctors Lab Coat

When you are buying clothing especially when it comes to work apparel like that lab coat you just can not go wrong with Cotton.  It is the most breathable material out there and it is so much better for your skin as well as your healthy.  Things like polyester and rayon are just horrible…it actually has […]

Professional Lab Coats

When shopping for  lab coats you want to be sure to shp for quality.  You can go to the stores and get a lot of cheap coats but that is exactly what they are….cheap and they really will not last.  So, in the long run you will actually be spending more on all the replacements.  And […]

Utlizing Athletic Tech in Men’s Lab Coats

Medelita has great health apparel…everything from women’s and  men’s lab coats  to medical scrubs, medical clogs and even medical caps.  And not  medelita utilizes sweat wicking in their products  so they just keep on getting better.  Now you can be extremely comfortable as well as being stylish and professional looking.

A White Lab Coat

Time to take off that white lab coat and start thinking about your big day.  Time to start planning and you don’t have to spend a fortune on your planning as well.   And there are so many things to think of …everything from the dress to the favors!