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5 Things To Do The Week You Get Engaged With Unique Engagment Rings

Congratulations! You just got engaged, now comes the fun part, planning the big day. During this next week you will have many congratulating you, asking to see the ring and many hoping for pictures of the ring to show up on their Newsfeed. Go ahead, enjoy your moment. Soak it all in and take pictures […]

Don’t Forget!

When the big day arrives there is lots to do. With all the attention on the bride and bridal party write these easily forgetful items on your list. If you haven’t been in a wedding before…it’s chaotic to say the least. Make sure you are calm and relaxed so you are able to help the […]

Top 5 Cutest Cake Toppers

You may be having a traditional wedding but why have a traditional wedding topper? There are so many ways to create unique details at your wedding weather it be through your bridal party, wedding cake, decor or flowers. One thing that I think is overlooked is unique and personal touches. These don’t need to be […]

All Those Glitters Is Gold

Do you plan on having your guests throw rice or flower petals as you walk down the aisle as man and wife? Instead of throwing the traditional rice, or flower petals have your guests blow bubbles or throw glitter. I was at a wedding not to long ago where the guests blew glitter and it […]