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Gifts for each other

We already mentioned a few ideas for gifts for your bridal party, but what about a special something for the one you’re about to commit your life to? Some opt out of this, stating that the wedding itself is the gift and that they have already spent enough money, but…what about something meaningful and on […]

Gifting the wedding party

Your wedding day is pretty much the only day in your entire life that you can invite all the people you both care about the most (and who care about the two of you!) and have a celebration that’s not only appropriate for all ages, but also mixes your favorite friends and family into one […]

Playing Card Case

It’s so hard to think of a gift for your attendants, especially the men.  You can impress them with a card case and cards.  When you get together in the future to play cards, you all can remember the wedding day.  You can even personalize the case with up to four lines.  Two decks of […]

Unique and Useful Shower Favors

You just can not go wrong with mint tin shower favors.  And the nice part about it is that you can personalize it according to your theme, color and even season of the year that you are getting married.  Everyone loves mints and this favor is sure to be used as soon as after the wedding meal!  […]

For a Fabulous Bridal Shower

If you are looking for that themed bridal shower then you have to check out MyBridesmaid Gifts.  They have a great selection and what a great time for that beach themed wedding whether you are having it on the beach or not!  They have everything you need from the invitations to the favors and other gifts.  […]