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Gifting the wedding party

Your wedding day is pretty much the only day in your entire life that you can invite all the people you both care about the most (and who care about the two of you!) and have a celebration that’s not only appropriate for all ages, but also mixes your favorite friends and family into one […]

American Bridal Bridesmaid Gifts

If you are looking for those very unique bridesmaid gifts then this Elegant Japanese Calligraphy Tea Set is perfect for your party gifts, At only $40.95 it would make for an exquisite maid of honor gift.  It is elegant and would look fabulous in any kitchen and it is a functional gift that you can actually use […]

Bridesmaid Gifts

This personalized faux suede polka dot cosmetic case would make for fabulous bridesmaid gifts.  At only $18.48 you are saving 50% – it is like you are buying one and getting one free.  So, if you have a part of 4 then you are really only paying for 2 and getting two!  And these would […]

Pink Crystal Perfume Bottle Briedemaid Gifts

This Pink Crystal Perfume Bottle is only $24.95 which is a 32% savings and would make for a fabulous bridesmaid gift.  It would look lovely on anyones dresser and it is pink besides.  Why go out and spend a fortune on something that they will never use.  Instead get something that will actually be useful […]

Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

This crystal initial handbag purse would make for a great bridesmaid gifts.  It is personalized with that beautiful crystal letter and this is nice because they will not only be able to use it and match for your wedding but it is nice enough to use on many special occasions they may have to go […]