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Wedding Day Music

Music {and sound, for that matter} play a huge part in our everyday lives. Car trips, mood music, background noise…music is all around us. When planning your wedding day, don’t forget to include songs that are not only important to both of you, but that are also important to your family and wedding party. Obviously, […]

A holiday-themed affair

Getting married around a holiday can inspire an extra umpff of creativity. Spurring off that particular holiday’s color pallet can lead to some inventive and original ideas, not to mention a great way to throw a party inviting all your closest friends and relatives! The best part is, you can dive into the deep-end or […]

A beautiful sendoff

I love goodbyes. Well, let me clarify. I love when all pieces of a puzzle come together in a nice tidy little package, starting with a solid introduction, a middle and a lovely farewell. I love movie-style goodbyes. You know, the ones you can picture a soundtrack to and people move in slow motion. Turning […]

Ring pillows

I love the DIY era that we are currently immersed in. People are so darn creative, it’s awesome! My husband and I didn’t have any kids in our wedding as we had 6 nieces and nephews to choose from and too many other good friends’ kids, too! However, when my sister and her husband got […]

The Unplugged Wedding

Everyone and their mother has a cellphone with photo/video capabilities these days. It’s great to be able to share important moments at the press of a button and so nice to be able to stay connected with people over a great distance. However, with every convenience there is a downfall or two and one of […]