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A holiday-themed affair

Getting married around a holiday can inspire an extra umpff of creativity. Spurring off that particular holiday’s color pallet can lead to some inventive and original ideas, not to mention a great way to throw a party inviting all your closest friends and relatives! The best part is, you can dive into the deep-end or […]

Reception fruit tables

One of the new trends in weddings seems to be the dessert. We have gone from the tiers and tiers of delicious butter-cream cakes topped with punch fountains and a plastic bride and groom displayed on high, to simple and beautiful single-tiered cakes displayed on individual tables to seasonal pies and then dessert bars and […]

Top 5 Cutest Cake Toppers

You may be having a traditional wedding but why have a traditional wedding topper? There are so many ways to create unique details at your wedding weather it be through your bridal party, wedding cake, decor or flowers. One thing that I think is overlooked is unique and personal touches. These don’t need to be […]