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The Latest in Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing dresses for your bridal party can be stressful. Trying to find that one dress that will look good on all of your bridal party is no easy task. As the bride to be, is this something that you are thinking of? Trying to find a dress that will match your dress style as well […]

Pop of color

I have an ongoing love affair with my husband {yes, it’s true!}, our pup, miscellaneous projects, ribbon and color. Color in all shapes, sizes, forms, traditions and cultures. Nothing brings more attention to detail, accentuates a design or really brings home a specific concept more than color {or there intentional lack thereof}. Generally, when people […]

A holiday-themed affair

Getting married around a holiday can inspire an extra umpff of creativity. Spurring off that particular holiday’s color pallet can lead to some inventive and original ideas, not to mention a great way to throw a party inviting all your closest friends and relatives! The best part is, you can dive into the deep-end or […]

How to Dress Your Wedding Party in Junior Plus Size Dresses

If your reading this, congratulations on the exiting time of planning your wedding! There is nothing more rewarding than getting married, however, planning the wedding may not go as smoothly as you think. As little girls we dream about how fabulous our wedding will be, even down to the little details. But, when wedding planning […]

A Valentine’s Day Engagement

The most romantic day of the year to get engaged is on Valentine’s day. A day of loved celebrated by a commitment to marry. That is a dream many young couples have and how many spend the day as well. Imagine having that special Valentine’s Day memory of getting engaged all your life. It would […]