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The honeymoon

One of my most favorite parts about our wedding was the honeymoon. We were married on a Friday and took off early Sunday morning for a week’s stay in the US Virgin Islands. I remember never feeling so utterly exhausted as we wheeled our luggage through the airport. However, once landing in paradise, we both […]

Beating the budget

It’s no secret, and it’s definitely no lie, that weddings get expensive. And quickly. Amazingly enough, once you get done paying deposits for the venues, florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, and DJ, the wallet just keeps getting opened for the invitations, decorations, bridal showers, honeymoon, thank you cards…never ending. All that extra expense can add unnecessar […]

How To Relax Before The Big Day? Facials Orange County

After preparing for your Big Day it’s hard to believe when the day actually arrives. We prepare and plan so far in advance that by the time the day actually arrives, it can be overwhelming. Some couples don’t plan months or even days in advance, those couples are usually more carefree, but, there are those […]

Store Coupon

Mommy Savers is a great site to find that  store coupon that is going to help save you some money.  And when it comes to money especially when you are planning for that costly wedding…..that is best.  There are plenty of things you are going to overspend on … so why not save on the ones […]