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Outside the box :: rings

Personally, I’m all about surprises. I love to be happily caught off guard, unexpectedly swept off my feet, completely taking the back seat and let someone else do the planning for a change. When my husband proposed to me, he did just that. I was starstruck, bamboozled, surprised to the nth degree and I love […]

A Valentine’s Day Engagement

The most romantic day of the year to get engaged is on Valentine’s day. A day of loved celebrated by a commitment to marry. That is a dream many young couples have and how many spend the day as well. Imagine having that special Valentine’s Day memory of getting engaged all your life. It would […]

Gifts for each other

We already mentioned a few ideas for gifts for your bridal party, but what about a special something for the one you’re about to commit your life to? Some opt out of this, stating that the wedding itself is the gift and that they have already spent enough money, but…what about something meaningful and on […]

Black and Diamond Titanium Rings

These em timoku  titanium rings from Titanium Jewelry are just so incredibly unique.  I just personally love them because they remind me of something very exotic like a zebra.  And they are for both men and women.  You would be sure to get so many compliments with this wedding band on your finger that is […]

Shopping Online for Tungsten Rings

The latest trends when it comes to wedding bands is  tungsten rings, palladium rings, benchmark rings…you name it and Titanium Jewelry has it.  They have the most stylish, most unique and most affordable wedding rings and bands online for both men and women.  Why not get what you need know because this month the savings are […]