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Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Inspire

I consider myself a creative person that thinks out of the box and brainstorms unique ideas. I usually find one item that completely inspires me and then brainstorm from there. My thinking is usually really unorganized, but makes sense in my own head. This weeks inspiration came from some invitations, bridesmaid luncheon invitations to be exact. I don’t know […]

Invitations; making a decision

My sister is currently involved in the wedding-planning process of one of her good friends. Both my sister and I are married and have been there/done that attitude when it comes to discussions on how to properly plan a wedding. We’re not claiming that we’re experts by any means, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the […]

Pop of color

I have an ongoing love affair with my husband {yes, it’s true!}, our pup, miscellaneous projects, ribbon and color. Color in all shapes, sizes, forms, traditions and cultures. Nothing brings more attention to detail, accentuates a design or really brings home a specific concept more than color {or there intentional lack thereof}. Generally, when people […]

A holiday-themed affair

Getting married around a holiday can inspire an extra umpff of creativity. Spurring off that particular holiday’s color pallet can lead to some inventive and original ideas, not to mention a great way to throw a party inviting all your closest friends and relatives! The best part is, you can dive into the deep-end or […]

How to Choose Bridal Shower Invitations

When it comes to wedding planning, setting the mood for your event begins with the invitation. An invitation signifies what type of event it will be, and helps get guests excited! Personally, I love pretty details on invitations such as lace, unique prints or different color combos. With so many options it’s hard to know […]