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The honeymoon

One of my most favorite parts about our wedding was the honeymoon. We were married on a Friday and took off early Sunday morning for a week’s stay in the US Virgin Islands. I remember never feeling so utterly exhausted as we wheeled our luggage through the airport. However, once landing in paradise, we both […]

Beating the budget

It’s no secret, and it’s definitely no lie, that weddings get expensive. And quickly. Amazingly enough, once you get done paying deposits for the venues, florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, and DJ, the wallet just keeps getting opened for the invitations, decorations, bridal showers, honeymoon, thank you cards…never ending. All that extra expense can add unnecessar […]

A Valentine’s Day Engagement

The most romantic day of the year to get engaged is on Valentine’s day. A day of loved celebrated by a commitment to marry. That is a dream many young couples have and how many spend the day as well. Imagine having that special Valentine’s Day memory of getting engaged all your life. It would […]

Gorgeous Plus Size Swimwear

You are planning that great honeymoon vacation so of course you want to get that great new bathing suit that is going to flatter your fuller figure and make you look fabulous!  The  plus size swimwear they have at Swimsuits Just For Us are gorgeous and they are affordable as well.

Plus Size Swimwear

What a beautiful summer is has been and when you are planning your honeymoon you of course want to get that new and beautiful swimsuit to wear.  Swimsuits Just For Us is a great site to find that plus size swimwear that is not only going to fit you but is going to flatter you figure […]