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Reception fruit tables

One of the new trends in weddings seems to be the dessert. We have gone from the tiers and tiers of delicious butter-cream cakes topped with punch fountains and a plastic bride and groom displayed on high, to simple and beautiful single-tiered cakes displayed on individual tables to seasonal pies and then dessert bars and […]

How To Relax Before The Big Day? Facials Orange County

After preparing for your Big Day it’s hard to believe when the day actually arrives. We prepare and plan so far in advance that by the time the day actually arrives, it can be overwhelming. Some couples don’t plan months or even days in advance, those couples are usually more carefree, but, there are those […]


People have money debt but more people have what is called sleep debt. it is from not getting enough sleep and rest and if you have a large sleep debt then it could actually cause emotional, mental and physical fatigue. You just don’t feel like yourself and you feel horrible and just plain yucky all […]


Do not worry too much when a child gets a fever…remember that a fever is a normal and healthy reaction to an infection and other illnesses. It will help to fight off the infections. So, if your child has that low grade fever try to resist from giving them medicines that will supress it – […]

Local Farm

If you have a local farm then please buy your food from them. It may be a little bit more expensive but by less because it is so much better for your health buying fresh stuff from a farm rather than going to a store where everything has been shipped in from another country. And […]