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Fashionable Lab Coat

Do you not have to compromise your style and your sense of fashion just because of your job. If you have a job that requires you to wear those women’s lab coat then you have to check out the site Medalta because they have a great selection of these coats as well as scrubs for […]

A White and Flattering Lab Coats

You may think that a white lab coats would not and could not be flattering…but if you were to get it online at Medelita you would find that you can get health care apparel and uniforms that actually flatter you and make you look good.  And they are comfortable as well.  In my opinion comfort […]

Health Care

When you go to the doctors especially if it is a new doctor you sit in the waiting area and you probably just look around.  I am always looking at the cleanliness of the office and then when I see the doctor I always look at the lab coat and the personal hygeine meaning I even […]

Nice Lab Coats for Women

Getting nice  lab coats for women could not be any easier than just turing on your computer and shopping while in your pajamas and drinking that warm cup of coffee.  Why go out to the germ infested stores when you can just go right online and find exactly what you are looking for and more.

Get Those Men’s Lab Coats

Whether you are looking for men’s lab coats, women’s scrubs, doctors coats, medical clogs…you can find it with ease at Medelita.  There is no reason to go out to the stores anymore especially when you can just go right online to find all the medical apparel that you could possibly need at affordable prices for […]