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Wedding pranks

{Photo credit} I was thinking all morning about what to post today. Should I talk about more trends? Colors? Apparel or switch it up to food? After a lengthy discussion about favorite desserts with my mother-in-law this weekend, wedding cakes would have also been an appropriate choice. Or talks about spring weddings and the beauty […]

Outside the box :: rings

Personally, I’m all about surprises. I love to be happily caught off guard, unexpectedly swept off my feet, completely taking the back seat and let someone else do the planning for a change. When my husband proposed to me, he did just that. I was starstruck, bamboozled, surprised to the nth degree and I love […]

Wedding Rings Orange County

Choosing that perfect wedding ring can be really stressful, so try to narrow your search. After all this is the will be the most important item in your jewelry collection that you will wear every day. What is your style? Are you a simple ring, or more of an over the top style? Try to […]

A Valentine’s Day Engagement

The most romantic day of the year to get engaged is on Valentine’s day. A day of loved celebrated by a commitment to marry. That is a dream many young couples have and how many spend the day as well. Imagine having that special Valentine’s Day memory of getting engaged all your life. It would […]

‘Nail’ing the details

With all the big plans and large-scale designs, color schemes and details underway, don’t forget about the little things that will add an extra sparkle to your day. Guests will most likely ask time and again to see your stellar new rock, so why not show it off with perfectly manicured hands?! Smooth, soft skin […]