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Wedding Rings Orange County

Choosing that perfect wedding ring can be really stressful, so try to narrow your search. After all this is the will be the most important item in your jewelry collection that you will wear every day. What is your style? Are you a simple ring, or more of an over the top style? Try to […]

A Valentine’s Day Engagement

The most romantic day of the year to get engaged is on Valentine’s day. A day of loved celebrated by a commitment to marry. That is a dream many young couples have and how many spend the day as well. Imagine having that special Valentine’s Day memory of getting engaged all your life. It would […]

Ornate Engagement Rings

There are so many gorgeous ornate engagement rings out there. I love the ones that have lots of diamonds and gems because they just sparkle so much. You want to get that ring that is going to turn heads at the water cooler…something that people are going to be talking about and that will make […]

Simone Custom Wedding Rings

Even when you are not getting married all females like to look at the custom wedding rings that are out there. And the ones that are online are just as beautiful a the ones that you have to go to the stores for. And the best part is that you can actually order it right […]