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Here comes the flower girl

Flower girl dresses…sigh. Little girls in curls with poofy layered dresses. Carrying signs announcing the coming of the bride. Smiling. Happy. So darn cute. What’s not to love?! Whether shopping for a traditional dress or something more unique, flower girls are about as adorable as anything wedding comes. Add some wings from a whimsical fairy […]

Kids Clothes for Weddings

Summer time is the time for many summer and beach weddings…so what are you going to dress the kids in.  Of course you want to make sure that your kids are looking absolutely adorable even though they are not in the wedding.  You can get great kids clothes that are very dressy for a wedding and […]

Fun Disney Costumes

What a great idea for a bachelorette party…why not have a costume party.  And the disney costumes out there are just so adorable.  That would be something so fun and creative too.  You could do so much and getting dressed up in costumes is just so much fun too!

Fabulous Disney Costumes for Adults

What were you the last time that you dressed up for that costume party?  Many people are being disney characters these days because there are just so many disney costumes for adults to choose from!  And you can go right online this time of year and get great sales!

Stylish Kids Clothes

When it comes to kids clothes  … kids know what they want.  And they know what the style is out there no matter how much you want to think that you do.  That is why it is so nice to be able to go right online to search for great clothing.  But you want to […]