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Weather…or not?

When getting down to the final weeks and days before your wedding, I’m certain you’ll be scoping out the weather channel. Making sure you have that perfect 70-something day, a little bit of sun, a little bit of breeze; it can be exhausting. Not only do you have zero control over the weather, but it […]

Gifting the wedding party

Your wedding day is pretty much the only day in your entire life that you can invite all the people you both care about the most (and who care about the two of you!) and have a celebration that’s not only appropriate for all ages, but also mixes your favorite friends and family into one […]

Awesome Bridesmaids Gifts

When it comes to  bridesmaids gifts why not just get them something that you know that they can use and will like.  And best of all is that you can personalize it too.  What female couldn’t use a really nice tote bag especially with summer and the beach just around the corner!