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I just got home from sunny Maryland four days ago and it’s been nothing but rain, dreary overcastness and wet. Very, very wet. I can’t even take the pup outside to get some exercise, it’s nuts! Plus, all this cooped-up-ness has made us both a little stir crazy. Usually, I like myself a rainy stretch […]

Gifts for each other

We already mentioned a few ideas for gifts for your bridal party, but what about a special something for the one you’re about to commit your life to? Some opt out of this, stating that the wedding itself is the gift and that they have already spent enough money, but…what about something meaningful and on […]

Gifting the wedding party

Your wedding day is pretty much the only day in your entire life that you can invite all the people you both care about the most (and who care about the two of you!) and have a celebration that’s not only appropriate for all ages, but also mixes your favorite friends and family into one […]

Pampering with Huntington Beach Facials

I know that getting  huntington beach facials gift certificates for my bridesmaids would have been a great gift to get them.  But I got them something completely different that they probably did not use nor did they like.  Why not get them things that they would not normally get for themselves.  This is the ultimate […]

Huntington Beach Facials For Your Bridal Party

What a great way to pamper your bridal party…treat them to a day at the spa.   And you can even get huntington beach facials gift certificates if you can not get all the girls together at the same time.  And if you would not like that facial before your big day then why not get […]