Wedding Day Music

Music {and sound, for that matter} play a huge part in our everyday lives. Car trips, mood music, background noise…music is all around us. When planning your wedding day, don’t forget to include songs that are not only important to both of you, but that are also important to your family and wedding party.

Obviously, you’ll have some sort of music {or not!} during your ceremony. Whether it’s while you walk up and down the aisle or throughout the ceremony itself, give the song its due and enjoy the comforting melody. You’ll also probably choose songs for the first dance with your new spouse {yay!} as well as for the mother/son dance and father/daughter dance…and possibly the rest of the reception as the night and celebration continue!

Don’t forget to also think about the ‘in-between’ times. What about having a playlist to listen to while getting ready? Or have some of your favorite tunes at hand to help everyone relax and enjoy the photography portion of the day? Going bar-hopping or to another photography location between the ceremony and reception? Pop in a per-determined disc packed with both your favorite songs. Relax…and rock out!

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