The honeymoon

One of my most favorite parts about our wedding was the honeymoon. We were married on a Friday and took off early Sunday morning for a week’s stay in the US Virgin Islands. I remember never feeling so utterly exhausted as we wheeled our luggage through the airport. However, once landing in paradise, we both instantly relaxed and, for the first time, enjoyed each others company as husband and wife. It was so fun to cruise around and see sights with everything about the wedding planning process and clean-up left at home, we unwound and truly hit the ultimate mode of relaxation. It was fabulous.

Looking outside and seeing the beautiful sunshine {finally!} reminds me of warmer, tropical places and I’ll forever be grateful for that week we were able to spend together. Part of the reason why it was so luxurious for us was because we included it in our gift registry for our wedding. If guests preferred not to purchase home goods or go to the store, they could log on to our honeymoon site and purchase breakfast in bed, a massage for two, a bottle of wine with dinner and so on. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and took quite a load off our backs financially, to boot! I highly recommend, to any couple, to include a honeymoon registry with your other options!!

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