Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Inspire

I consider myself a creative person that thinks out of the box and brainstorms unique ideas. I usually find one item that completely inspires me and then brainstorm from there. My thinking is usually really unorganized, but makes sense in my own head. This weeks inspiration came from some invitations, bridesmaid luncheon invitations to be exact. I don’t know if it was the watercolor affect, the pastel colors or the girlishness (is that a word?) of the paper that grabbed my attention but that’s what happened. It got me thinking about pre-wedding activities and if bachelorette parties still play a significant role in a bride’s life?

I have found that pre-wedding activities such as bridal showers, engagement parties and bachelorette parties are not what they once used to be. Rather than sexual innuendos  binge drinking and outrageous behavior, women are toning down the once wild night last hurrah before marriage. They are taking a more subtle approach by integrating feminine activities such as themed dinner parties and bridesmaid luncheons where they can actually chat with their fellow friends and family. Men, who are thought to hire strippers for their bachelor party, are also taking a subtle approach and planning day activities such as fishing or golfing excursions with their close friends and family. I have to say it does make more sense to have a quiet night with close friends and family vs. a night life binge drinking party, but that’s just my take. Have you also noticed this behavior?






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