All Those Glitters Is Gold


Do you plan on having your guests throw rice or flower petals as you walk down the aisle as man and wife? Instead of throwing the traditional rice, or flower petals have your guests blow bubbles or throw glitter. I was at a wedding not to long ago where the guests blew glitter and it made for really fun photos. I had never seen anything like it before, I couldn’t beleive how neat it was!

However, one thing I was concerned about was how the glitter would “stick” on guests and the bride and groom. The last thing you want is for your entourage to be filled with craft glitter. Instead of purchasing cheap, thick glitter go for a more elegant glitter such as Martha Stewart’s stunning glitter. It comes in tons of colors and adds a sheen to guests rather than a massive overload of¬†kindergarten¬†project glitter.

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