Custom Designed Rings to Fit Your Style



Choosing wedding jewelry can be difficult, overwhelming, and quite frankly, a pain in the rear end. There are so many different styles, sizes, and types out there that it’s so hard to decide on just one! I’m a very picky person when it comes to jewelry and there is always something about almost every piece of jewelry that I would alter or change in one way or another.

I’m so glad I discovered a jewelry company based in California (that ships ANYWHERE) that specializes in the design and creation of custom designed rings. This way, I can have a ring that is exactly what I want! I can take different ideas and aspects from several different rings and Simone and Son can turn that into one perfect ring to fit my style. They do this for men’s wedding bands, women’s wedding jewelry, and more.

The Latest in Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing dresses for your bridal party can be stressful. Trying to find that one dress that will look good on all of your bridal party is no easy task. As the bride to be, is this something that you are thinking of? Trying to find a dress that will match your dress style as well as different body types is no easy feat. Pacific Plex offers a great selection in some of the latest in bridesmaid dresses. Pacific Plex takes pride in being able to outfit a wide variety of sizes, from extra small up to 3x and 5x in different styles and colors.

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One of my favorite things I fell in love with about the bridesmaid dresses is that most of them can be worn again outside of the wedding.  Maybe you have another black tie event for work that you will be attending and need a nice dressy dress, wear your bridesmaid dress from your sister or friends wedding. All of the dresses are very affordable and will work with any  budget. Get your bridesmaids into hot fashions from Pacific Plex.

Wedding Day Music

Music {and sound, for that matter} play a huge part in our everyday lives. Car trips, mood music, background noise…music is all around us. When planning your wedding day, don’t forget to include songs that are not only important to both of you, but that are also important to your family and wedding party.

Obviously, you’ll have some sort of music {or not!} during your ceremony. Whether it’s while you walk up and down the aisle or throughout the ceremony itself, give the song its due and enjoy the comforting melody. You’ll also probably choose songs for the first dance with your new spouse {yay!} as well as for the mother/son dance and father/daughter dance…and possibly the rest of the reception as the night and celebration continue!

Don’t forget to also think about the ‘in-between’ times. What about having a playlist to listen to while getting ready? Or have some of your favorite tunes at hand to help everyone relax and enjoy the photography portion of the day? Going bar-hopping or to another photography location between the ceremony and reception? Pop in a per-determined disc packed with both your favorite songs. Relax…and rock out!

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Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Inspire

I consider myself a creative person that thinks out of the box and brainstorms unique ideas. I usually find one item that completely inspires me and then brainstorm from there. My thinking is usually really unorganized, but makes sense in my own head. This weeks inspiration came from some invitations, bridesmaid luncheon invitations to be exact. I don’t know if it was the watercolor affect, the pastel colors or the girlishness (is that a word?) of the paper that grabbed my attention but that’s what happened. It got me thinking about pre-wedding activities and if bachelorette parties still play a significant role in a bride’s life?

I have found that pre-wedding activities such as bridal showers, engagement parties and bachelorette parties are not what they once used to be. Rather than sexual innuendos  binge drinking and outrageous behavior, women are toning down the once wild night last hurrah before marriage. They are taking a more subtle approach by integrating feminine activities such as themed dinner parties and bridesmaid luncheons where they can actually chat with their fellow friends and family. Men, who are thought to hire strippers for their bachelor party, are also taking a subtle approach and planning day activities such as fishing or golfing excursions with their close friends and family. I have to say it does make more sense to have a quiet night with close friends and family vs. a night life binge drinking party, but that’s just my take. Have you also noticed this behavior?






The honeymoon

One of my most favorite parts about our wedding was the honeymoon. We were married on a Friday and took off early Sunday morning for a week’s stay in the US Virgin Islands. I remember never feeling so utterly exhausted as we wheeled our luggage through the airport. However, once landing in paradise, we both instantly relaxed and, for the first time, enjoyed each others company as husband and wife. It was so fun to cruise around and see sights with everything about the wedding planning process and clean-up left at home, we unwound and truly hit the ultimate mode of relaxation. It was fabulous.

Looking outside and seeing the beautiful sunshine {finally!} reminds me of warmer, tropical places and I’ll forever be grateful for that week we were able to spend together. Part of the reason why it was so luxurious for us was because we included it in our gift registry for our wedding. If guests preferred not to purchase home goods or go to the store, they could log on to our honeymoon site and purchase breakfast in bed, a massage for two, a bottle of wine with dinner and so on. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and took quite a load off our backs financially, to boot! I highly recommend, to any couple, to include a honeymoon registry with your other options!!

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